What You Must Know About Fire Extinguishers

History and Extinguishing Requires

Portable fire extinguishers have been around and used to siege enemy cities long before the ancient Romans. The first “extinguishers” were probably animal skins, filled with water, and could be transported to the fire source. The shape of the skin container would allow some “squeezing” and forcing a stream that might be directed somewhat at the base of the fire. Portable fire extinguishers are still being used around 2000 years later … And continue to be required. The need is even greater now, as the hazards (“fire-speak” for what might ignite and burn) are more abundant and vastly different than the wood, cloth, straw, pitch, and animal fats that fuelled the past fires. Learn more by visiting Francis Fire Protection Services Ltd.

My goal, here, is to provide some of the answers as to what fire protection needs. Best obtained through a recognized local fire equipment distributor is the opportunity for great customer support, extinguisher service and prices which are very affordable for the protection received.

I’ve established a personal and business relationship with many fire equipment distributors through my commitment to fire safety, my years of experience and expertise that will last a lifetime! If you are in business, operate a farm, are a homeowner, own a boat or have a fire extinguisher requirement for any other reason, I would suggest you have a good working relationship with your trusted, local fire equipment distributor.

My many years of face-to – face interaction experience in the fire equipment industry gave me insights into the views held by other fire authorities, vendors and end users. It may not be a surprise, but some of those assumptions kept might either be true or false. Most of the time there are misconceptions about what the “rules” are. The guideline or source of regulation or rule which is used as a basis for forming the perception or understanding of a regulation which is in some cases outdated or simply misinterpreted. The final judgment, as always, is what the AHJ perceives and enforces … The Jurisdiction Has Authority. Always listen to the local fire department inspector and ask for the rule or recommendation in writing if you believe it is appropriate.

Since you are an interested party in fire safety equipment and especially fire extinguishers, you need to know what happens when a product is discontinued, regulations change, or the manufacturer closes its doors and there is no longer any support for a fire protection product. Once again, this is where your local distributor of fire equipment provides the answers and services needed.