What to Expect From a Medical Spa

Medical spas, also called mesas or medi-spas, are dedicated to offering comprehensive services to their clients. In most cases, they offer state of the art spa facilities and services including facials, injectables, specialty procedures, and therapeutic massages. They also feature a well-trained staff that offers a variety of services. In short, they offer a complete treatment package geared towards rejuvenation of the mind and body.Checkout The Aesthetic Loft-Medical Spa for more info.

A typical medical spa includes a main office and several satellite offices that are located in various places around the country. Each of them has a unique focus and staff suited to the needs of each patient. The office staff can include physicians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic plastic surgeons, and chiropractors who specialize in various skin care and health care procedures. The physician, dermatologist, and surgeon will all work together to provide the best possible treatment and care to each patient.

Apart from the physician, dermatologist, and plastic surgeon, media also have a team of aestheticians, massage therapists, and hair stylists who work together to offer the best possible services. The team is headed by a licensed acupuncturist. This team helps to ensure that the treatment procedures that are offered are safe and effective and also take into consideration the specific needs of the individual. Aestheticians help to reduce inflammation by performing light therapy, massaging, and special procedures like laser resurfacing and fractional laser therapy.