Truck Accident Attorney – Why You May Need One

Semi trucks are an important component of the U.S. trade industry, and they carry the vast majority of products across this nation. Accordingly, commercial truck crashes occur all the time, and the resulting injury to people in automobiles and other motor vehicles is usually disastrous.

Every year there are more than 400,000 incidents involving a commercial motor vehicle, such as a semi, box truck or van, or commercial bus, with a much lighter personal car or truck. A packed semi can easily weigh in excess of 60 tons. It may take more than 400 feet of stopping distance while driving at a pace of 65 MPH relative to about 160 feet for a vehicle or non-commercial truck, and the force of an 18-wheeler crash will easily plow straight across the sides of a store or house.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Truck Accident Attorney.

Because of the enormous size of these truck types, virtually any wreck involving a commercial transportation vehicle and any other car or truck is likely to cause serious, possibly lethal, injury. If one of these vehicles carries hazardous chemical substances or fuel products and is in a collision, the resulting injuries can be much more serious. Secondary traumas, including burns and damage to the pulmonary system due to dangerous freight, frequently occur.

Driver fatigue is one of the main reasons behind such types of crashes involving commercial truckers. It may lead a truck driver to go to the controls to sleep or create a tragic miscalculation in driving. Incidents of driver fatigue occur mainly early in the day or in the middle of the afternoon. The latest up-to – date work reveals that grogginess is very harmful upon waking from sleep. This has been found that injuries leading to exhaustion appear to be bad forms of incidents.

Beginning to examine an incident like this without hesitation is necessary to insure information is protected. There is a lot of information that needs to be gathered, as this is important for the claims of the injured party. This will include details of the transportation company or the driver concerned ‘s prior regulatory infractions, the vehicle’s routine maintenance information, the speed at which the truck and your car or truck were going, the location of the damage to the vehicles, the trucker’s log book. Statements from witnesses and initial responders to the collision, such as ambulance workers and law enforcement officers, will be made. Another important piece of proof would be the black box of the vehicle, which tracks details before, after and after an event.

There is a major disparity when opposed to many collisions, the scale of crash damages where a semi is concerned. This is because trucking companies usually have far greater shielding on their semis than a passenger car would have on an driver.

Transportation company representatives will often make an effort to negotiate an out-of-court settlement with injured parties, and are often worthwhile for significantly less than the injuries (or deaths) that have been suffered. This is one of the reasons that a survivor of an incident will consult a trucking crash lawyer as early as possible. To find this type of legal representation, look for a personal injury attorney who has experience in handling trucking accidents, who is a seasoned trial attorney, and who is willing to prepare and bring the case before the court rather than negotiating a settlement quickly.

Once an attorney is involved, the insurance reps will be required to speak to him instead of the victim, who doesn’t need that kind of stress added to all the emotional trauma, personal injuries and property damage caused by the collision.