The Truth About Speeding Tickets

For some time or another, nearly everybody has had a speeding ticket. Some people have had many tickets, and they have suffered awful financial consequences. Very few are trying to beat their ticket. But when faced with one, more individuals should aspire to beat their speeding tickets. Because if you know what to do and you understand the “game,” you’re probably going to win. click here

The first thing to understand is that a town or a city is inspired, or

It is rarely a real concern for the safety of people that police officers have to write a speeding ticket. The motive is that speeding tickets make a lot of money for towns.

If a police officer sits for an hour at a time in one place and writes several tickets, he makes money for the area. In reality, he does not think that you (and the 10 other people he wrote a ticket to that day) are a threat to the community by doing 50 MPH in a 40. In a corrupt game, he is simply playing his role. He’s composing a ticket for you, he knows you’re not going to contest the ticket. He also believes that you will come into the courts with a flimsy argument if you contest the ticket, and the city will make its money off you.

Corruption is not confined to the towns that issue these tickets. Do you know who pays for radar equipment to be used by officers to check your speed? COMPANIES of Car INSURANCE!

There is also a great financial interest in getting tickets written by car insurance firms. They get to raise their rates when you get a ticket!

The judges in these towns, like the officers who write the tickets, also understand their role. Their job is to find you guilty, and to help secure your money for the city. To help this crooked game play out, most people make it really easy for the judges. They fail to have a good defence that a judge does not disregard, ingrained in the law. In reality , most people make it much easier than that-to start with, not even fighting the ticket!

This series, whether you go to court prepared and knowledgeable, will play out differently. My business gives you all the data you need to beat every ticket. In the courtroom, the data is simple and easy to apply. We detail practically every scenario for you. We send you a comprehensive script that you can just read from the court to address any challenges that arise. We provide you with case law that supports the legal argument that you make.