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Subutex does not contain naloxone, which means that it is used only in rare cases. If a patient takes Subutex and then takes another opiate, the patient feels that the opiate has an effect and is likely to overdose, which is why Subutex will only be used by detoxification centres. Subutex is sometimes prescribed by doctors to patients who have experienced an allergic naloxone reaction. While naloxone allergies are uncommon, they do occur. When they do, anaphylactic shock is often experienced by patients. In , methadone is the third type of medicine for addiction. Typically, it is given in a liquid form, although sometimes a pill is used. Initially, methadone was developed as a means of treating chronic and severe pain not controlled by other narcotics in 1937. Although some still use it as a last resort medication for pain relief, doctors often prescribe it to treat patients with heroin addiction. No ingredients that block the effects of other opiates are contained in methadone. As a consequence, because they continue injecting heroin or taking opiate pills, many Methadone patients overdose. Taking medication for addiction. Have a look at Master Center for Addiction Medicine.

Typically, when taking Suboxone or Subutex, the patient starts with three pills a day, taken every day at the same time. After about a year, the doctor may suggest that the dose should be reduced by half a pill every few months until the patient appears ready to stop and detoxify completely. The pill is placed under the tongue by the patient until it dissolves. If the patient swallows it whole or crushes it for injection, the drug will cause severe symptoms of withdrawal, including nausea, vomiting, headache, and muscle aches, which can become so severe that hospitalisation is required. In rare cases, coma and death can also happen. If the medication is not dissolved in the mouth and adsorbed by the mucous membranes, the active ingredients do not work to stop pain or withdrawal.