Legal Services Act

The forthcoming implementation of the Act on Legal Services presents new obstacles for high-street businesses, as it allows companies other than attorneys to provide legal services under what is regarded as an Alternative Business Structure. This means that for various legal services, such as wills, probate, and conveyance, individuals may visit an ABS. Companies like Co-op, the AA and Saga have already become ABSs in direct competition with the traditional practice of high street solicitors. Get the facts about Fisher & Fisher Law Offices LLC you can try this out.

The problem faced by most solicitor firms is that large corporations would obviously have a commercial advantage over the high street legal practice that used to line every high street. Moving forward a well-known’ name’ will only get personalized due to their popularity in other fields, regardless of the quality of their legal service. We often profit from economies of scale, so they can reduce the costs of smaller high-street solicitors and market relentlessly, realizing that they can not contend with their smaller competitors. Furthermore, they have the simplicity advantage; why visit a solicitor when you can get a signed will while doing the weekly shop? A survey conducted by Yougov found that 60 per cent of those polled should buy legal services from a recognized national company rather than a local lawyer. This makes the future look very somber for the practice of average high street solicitors. You just have to look down a high street to see the lack of independent retailers due to the large corporate brands pricing it out. The legal profession will go the same direction, by using the same company for legal services.

Most worryingly, critics claim it will undermine the profession’s integrity. Applicants also work in small collaborations, independent of the customers they represent, aiming to provide good quality legal services that create confidence, satisfaction and consumer reviews for clients. However, bring in a major retailer with interests in several sectors, and dramatically change the outlook. Applicants are accountable for their own image, gained through the support they offer, rendering them personally liable for their job. Larger retailers actually do not have the same extent of liability; if a mistake is made, the business will not be punished on a national scale. There is also the likelihood of large companies that they will only be involved in the relatively simple jobs in order to make a quick buck, leaving their high street rivals with the riskier and more costly job.

If an ABS can provide basic legal services without what might seem a heavy price tag, why choose a high street company? Secondly, there is the professional support and patient interaction; over several years a solicitor will build a strong friendship with a consumer, thereby better understanding the desires of each case. In practice, there clearly can not be an appropriate one-size fits all paradigm due to the vast variety of conditions (the possible solution of the likes of the AA, Co-op etc). A high street solicitor will sell you a solution designed to meet your needs, instead of a mass-produced offering. Many law firms work in a team of highly trained professionals to provide a quality service, rather than a sole lawyer leading a large group of paralegals or unqualified legal assistants. Simply put, the high street companies offer quality over quantity. To ensure their future high street law firms have to maintain their standards of professionalism.

True, high street firms need to adapt to get a chance to compete with big business. Yet the lone practitioner’s days will soon be gone. They may have no alternative for the smaller firms to survive but to merge with other professional services, such as accountants and IFA’s to provide all business and personal services under one roof. Whatever steps they take, high street lawyers need to demonstrate that they are as accessible and accessible as the big brands. Receiving legal advice is basically a service: you compensate for the product that you get. It is important to buy a house or determine who inherits your worldly possessions. Why cut corners to save a few pounds when there is a professional personal service waiting around the corner to help?