Know the facts about Eco-Friendly Flooring Ideas

In order to construct, furnish and decorate their homes, consumers today choose environmentally friendly products. Products for flooring and flooring are no exception. Eco-flooring is a trend that is here to stay, with a broad selection of products made from natural sources that are non-threatening to our environment, that do not deplete our natural resources and that recycle old products into reusable ones. These new floors are a win-win situation all the way around, adding to the fact that these eco-floors are durable, long lasting, beautiful and fairly inexpensive to purchase.Do you want to learn more? Visit decking

Today, there are many forms of eco-friendly flooring on the market. You can find, for instance, eco-engineered hardwood floor alternatives, designed to look beautiful, last for years and use up to 30 percent less hardwood than conventional hardwood floors. The recovered wood flooring that uses planks and other old floor products from buildings that are about to be demolished can also be checked out. This reclaimed lumber will create a new refurbished piece of wood suitable for flooring in any room in your house. The wood is refinished, sanded and cut into floor planks and then with non-polluting glue placed in position. For wooden flooring, one final option may come from left-over new wood that would otherwise be thrown away, abandoned or burned. You will have a powerful wooden floor that will last a lifetime by reusing scraps and pieces of left-over wood, meshing them together to form new floor boards. The cost of this type of flooring is about half that of conventional wooden floors, whether it is eco-engineered wood, reclaimed lumber or the reuse of new wooden scraps.

For flooring and other construction products, Cork is considered to be one of the most environmentally safe materials. Cork bark is carefully harvested by hand throughout the forests of Portugal and Spain every nine years. The tree is not damaged in any way by this careful harvesting.