How To Become A Successful Male Stripper

Have you ever had a client from a different country?  Ever feel like selling to a foreign male client is different from selling to a US male client?

Each of us has our own distinct type of personality: some of us are force oriented, others are pleasure motivated, while some of us make decisions based on consideration or feelings. Nevertheless, the attitudes, beliefs, and reflexes conveyed to us by the history of the culture in which we grew up are overlaid on top of that.  This can be called the Power Distance Index, and it measures how much authority trusts and honors a particular culture.  Knowing this is useful in the strip club so you can decide if you should play up your dominance or be more submissive or not.Here male strippers

If a client is from a community that has a high Power Distance Index, it is unlikely that he will be able to tolerate uncertainty during a conversation.   Greece, Portugal, Honduras, Uraguay and Belgium all top the list of interacting communities to prevent confusion.  Thus, in order to close this sale you need to take the authoritative position and be very clear on all the information.

On the other hand, if he comes from a low Power Distance Index community, he is more likely to speak implicitly and not ask for specific details.  Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Jamaica, and Singapore are the societies best able to handle confusion (which most strippers rely upon). So turn the charm on: keep it light, play stupid and collect those dollars!