Defend Yourself Against Mosquitoes using

Summer has arrived, the time of a war against the mosquito. Greatly disturbed in everyday life by the annoying creature, none of us are excepted to it. Same the U.S. Recently President Obama had attracted the mosquito many times during his talks.

Small and humble as the mosquito is, it presents itself as the mischievous creature which even a superman can daunt. With mosquito inciens beginning to appear in Song Dynasty in China, various ways or tools have emerged against the mosquito in response to great demands.Feel free to find more information at Highlining with Valentin

Several mosquito repellent tools, such as incense sticks, incense coils, electrical mosquito repellent and patch repelling mosquito, etc., exist up to this day. The former two are burned to work, causing a large amount of smoke that contains substances harmful to health. So they are used mainly outdoors. You ‘d better use the electrical repellent to repel the mosquito inside. And for particular defense the mosquito patch with stickers can operate directly on the skin.

Though these mosquito repellent products work effectively, dangerous chemical substances may be released. So if you use them in confined chambers there would be an allergic reaction. It is strongly recommended that you ventilate the air before repelling the mosquito with them.

If you don’t like these things, you’ll also find some natural ways to protect against the mosquito.

  1. Use mosquito net to separate you from the restless mosquito;
  2. Leave open certain essential balm boxes in your bedroom;
  3. Eat raw garlic, or take vitamin B orally to produce odors that can repel the mosquito.

However, the essential way to eliminate the root cause is to clear places like the obstructed sinks, where the mosquito is likely to breed.