Child Custody: Child Custody Orders and Judicial Authority

There would be a common reason for many divorced and separated parents with children as to why they ended up with the child custody and visitation arrangement they do. “It was determined by the judge,” says the response. In other words, the judge decided on your parenting plan based on what he or she thought was best for your child.Learn more by visiting [child custody attorney scottsdale az]

Judges should not necessarily make the decision on child custody or the parenting plan for the parents. In reality, the judge would almost never make the child custody decision for the parents. When parents are unable to compromise on child custody, the court will normally decide on the parental plan between them. A final court order or judgement on child custody is also used when a judge makes the child custody decision for the parents.

Parents generally know what is best for their children, including child custody and visitation arrangements. The challenge for parents is always their inability to separate their own feelings and interests from their child’s needs. Parents are usually allowed the greatest amount of freedom in deciding on a parenting strategy that is in their child’s best interests. When the parents are unable to compromise on child custody and visitation, the judge is often assigned the role of deciding on child custody and would have a great deal of discretion in selecting a parenting plan that he or she believes is best for the child. This leaves a lot of space for a judge’s understanding of what is in the best interests of the child, which often leads to unreasonable child custody and visitation decisions.

If the court or judge agrees on a parenting plan for the parents, either or both parents are likely to be disappointed or feel misled. Usually, one parent claims they have acquired custody of their children and the other believes they have lost custody. It’s not unusual for both parents to be dissatisfied with the court’s or judge’s ruling. When a court or judge decides on child custody, all parties rarely feel like they have prevailed.

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