Being a Cosmetic Dermatologist Can Get Stressful

You knew one thing from the time you were old enough to talk: you wanted to grow up and make lots of money. You were taught that essentially there were three jobs that would allow that to happen. Becoming a movie star was the first choice. Well, you were never one for acting, so there was no choice. You could become a lawyer as well. That doesn’t interest you at all, so that one was out there. Learn more about English Dermatology Desert Ridge, AZ.

Then there was an opportunity to become a doctor, and that’s when you came up with the idea of being a cosmetic dermatologist. You suffered from terrible acne in high school. While you tried every drug available for over-the-counter acne, nothing seemed to work. The “famous” people who had perfect skin, you used to glare at. Certainly, a cosmetic dermatologist will never need them.

You had to see a cosmetic dermatologist, though, to actually be able to get rid of the acne that scarred your skin and scarred your self-esteem. A few weeks and laser treatments later, and as perfect as any of the other famous people, your skin was. You almost cried when you remembered that you no longer needed any concealer.

Now, you are getting ready to apply for college, because it is more than just making lots of money to become a cosmetic dermatologist. Instead, due to the advances of medical science, it has a lot to do with being compassionate enough to support others. Plus, you’ll definitely be able to relate when an adolescent comes into your office with acne.