An Update On Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank-pumping is a fact of life for millions of people living in rural settings. A well managed and working septic system is vitally important with the closest municipal sewage hookup miles away and having it drained out at regular intervals is part of that upkeep. In this article we will examine why it is so important to get it pumped out regularly, how it is done and how much you can expect to pay for that service.

But let’s take a quick look at what a septic system is and how it operates before we get into all of that. A septic system is in the simplest terms an underground sewage treatment system for homes that have no access to municipal sewer services. It usually consists of four parts; house waste stream, septic tank, drain area, and soil. All these parts need to be in working order but the most important part is the tank itself.Have a look at septic tank pumping charlotte nc to get more info on this.

Keeping the tank pumped out at regular periods keeps it running correctly and avoids blockages that can bring waste flooding into the house and produce unpleasant odours. The primary contributor to clogs of the septic tanks are very biodegradable things. This includes cooking grease and oils that are dumped down the drain and paper products other than toilet paper; paper towels, sanitary napkins and tampons, cigarette butts and cotton balls will all eventually degrade but they tend to get stuck in the tank’s inner workings and create clogs that worsen over time.

Another justification to have a septic tank periodically drained is to test it for harm that may potentially impair its capacity to function. When it’s drained out, holes and other defects may be visibly examined. When any harm is found it must be fixed in order to stop potential complications.

The method of pumping itself is relatively straight forward. A big wagon, also referred to as a “Honey Wagon,” would come to the property and park in the general area of the septic tank, with a huge tank, suction pump and a big hoses. The operator will remove the manhole cover from the tank, lower the suction hoses in it and set the pumps on fire, sucking the accumulated waste into the truck holding tank.

A decent pumping company can even offer the septic tank a comprehensive cleaning until it is drained out. We must search for harm such as holes or clogs in the reservoir, valves and inlet and exit ports. Even, they must check the area surrounding the tank for evidence of leakage. Any problems should be reported to the landlord so that they can be dealt with to ensure that the entire septic system operates properly.