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Jesse suggests taking a full week off immediately after the season and then beginning the transition period. You cannot however, participate in any wrestling or job skills during the transformation cycle. One should abstain from any wrestling during that cycle, but you need to begin training again for strength, stamina, and flexibility. The physical qualities you’ve acquired will begin to dissipate if you take too long a break. Do you want to learn more? Visit Newell Strength.

Most of you have heard about the idea of periodization, I am sure. Ok, that is just what John Jesse is writing about, as you can see.

periodization is still used in this modern era. Basically, periodization is only preparing your preparation. A major supporter of periodization is Dr. Fred Hatfield (a.k.a. Dr. Squat). He writes of the’ immense importance of short-term periodization in your preparation’ in an article entitled The Simplicity of Periodicity.

In addition, he adds, “As your competition draws nearer and nearer, your training objectives change, and therefore your training methods change commensurably.”

Tudor Bompa, a sports scientist, said: “We either have periodization or chaos.”

In his novel, John Jesse writes something very similar. He says, “Without a long-range training plan the athlete’s training can easily degenerate into chaos.”

Jesse understood what he was referring to.

Do you think wrestling champions just work out during the wrestling season? Do you think in some haphazard manner they train? No! -No! Much as John Jesse advocated and strength and conditioning experts still advocate, they practise year-round with a well-developed strategy in mind.