10 Reasons To Use A Steam Cleaner

  1. Steam Cleaning Is Safe

Using steam as your only cleaning agent is a safe , non-toxic alternative that is actually more effective than chemicals. Clinical tests have proven steam cleaning to be more effective in killing common household germs faster (within 2 seconds) and more thoroughly than any chemical application. One steamer system replaces dangerous, toxic, harmful, expensive chemicals with pure , natural, effective , safe steam vapor made from ordinary tap water. Steam cleaning is piece of mind. Check https://www.galetti.co.za/blog/?p=9008.

  1. Cleaning With Steam Enhances The Environment

Cleaning with steam enhances the environment by eliminating the unseen microbes and germs from the surfaces and air in our homes. With a steam cleaner you will not only stop contributing to the pollution problem, you’ll actually improve your quality of life.

  1. No One Is Allergic To Steam

In fact steam cleaners not only eliminate your chemical allergies, the steam vapor also kills the germs , bacteria, mold, and dust mites that can cause other types of allergies.

  1. Steam Vapor Leaves No Residue

Steam vapor leaves nothing behind. No chemicals are applied so there’s nothing to remove except the dirt. You’ll clean faster and better with no residue or soap, no polishing, and no stripping solvents. Just clean, shiny, sanitized, sparkling surfaces that make you proud of your efforts. Steam washing also extracts the sticky compounds from dust particles and instead of mixing them up only to make them resettle, you’ll really catch them in your fabric to finally get rid of them.

  1. Steam Is Also A Healthy Way To Disinfect Every Surface

No matter what you are cleaning, there is a safe way to clean it with steam cleaner. Steam cleaners have an adjustable flow of vapor so you can use a little or a lot depending on the type of surface you ‘re cleaning. Turn it up full blast to de-grease your oven and shut it down until it’s healthy to clean a live tomato. Never before have you had so much versatility in one cleaning tool!

  1. Water Is The Only Item Consumable While Washing Using A Steam Cleaner

The only consumable in a steam cleaning device is gas. Steam cleaners are between $400 UP to $4,000. An investment that will last up to 10 -15 years with nothing else to buy but ordinary tap water. You’ll recoup the buying price very easily as you remember what you’ll save on consumable chemicals and cleaning equipment, carpet and upholstery washing, vehicle maintenance, window and blind cleaning facilities, and dry cleaning. From then on your steam cleaner is FREE Time! Now, that is my investment!

  1. No Side Effects Of Washing With Wind, Just Advantages

To my knowledge, steam has never been linked, even remotely, to any type of birth defect, cancer or psychological conditions! Anyone could safely and easily use a steam cleaner. It is very user friendly, portable and easy to handle. Prolonged exposure to steam cleaning may result in a callous on your trigger finger, but the worst you can expect is that!

  1. Steam helps the planet by failing to pollute water , air and landfill

Conservation starts from home … your home. Clean up the planet automatically as you sanitize your whole house. Cleaning with a steam cleaner replaces the need for all these harmful and expensive cleaning chemicals to be produced, packaged, shipped, used or disposed. Believe it or not, the wave of the future is in the oldest cleaning solvent known to mankind … water.

  1. Steam cleaning services A range of uses

A steam cleaner ‘s value is continuing indefinitely. Apart from cleaning everything in your kitchen, bathrooms, etc., you can defrost freezers, unclog drains, remove wallpapers, dissolve soap scum, degraase car engines, deodorize tennis shoes, take a sauna or face … let your imagination run wild.

  1. Oh, 10. Steam cleaners are space-efficient and compact

Chances are you’ll have room under your kitchen sink to store your steam cleaner when you get rid of all your cleaning chemicals. After all, you ‘re not going to have CHEMICALS taking up space! A steam cleaner and a good vacuum are all you’ll ever need in your world to clean up everything.