Visiting a Children’s Dentist – Preparing Your Kids for the Day

It is a good decision to send your children to a children’s dentist instead of one that primarily treats adults, but you do need to do what you can to brace your little ones for the appointment. Many people do not want to go to see the dental surgeon, so it is fair that children will feel the same thing. A child dentist knows everything about treating young patients, but once they sit in the dental chair, a youngster can still feel nervous and unsure about what to expect. As a parent, in order to make your son or daughter feel at ease, you can do whatever you can. Checkout Children’s Dentistry of Lakewood Ranch for more info.

It is a required experience for a child to visit the dentist, and one that will be replicated several times in his or her life. From the very beginning, you want to make it as positive as you can so that your child can interpret such an event in a positive light.

Before the date of the scheduled visit, speak to your children’s dentist and find out whether it is possible to bring your children early so that they can see around the office. This will help quiet their worries, and when the appointment day arrives, make them feel more relaxed. Show the chair to your child where they are going to sit and show how the chair goes up and down. Furthermore, ask if the dentist or hygienist will point out to your children a few items that will help them feel better about the upcoming visit.

To see if you can find a book on going to have a dental checkup, look at the local library or a nearby bookstore. Read the book to familiarize your children with what will happen when they arrive at the dental clinic to get their teeth checked.

Role-playing will help train the little kids for dental office visits. Build a make-believe dental office for children in your house. You’re the doctor, and let the patient be your boy. Set up props, such as using a sofa as the light for the chair they are going to sit in and a lamp. Place a bib on your child, ask him or her to open their mouth and imagine that by counting each and every one of them, you are inspecting their teeth. Tell your young person that when looking at their teeth, the tooth doctor can use several small instruments and may use a mirror to help look closely at each individual tooth.