Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

If you read vacuum cleaner articles, you would also be informed whether the vacuum arrives with a HEPA filter. Some are conscious the filter form is one of the better filter styles there are. Beware though; not all devices of HEPA are the same. Very honestly, some sell the old-fashioned charcoal filters very little further filtration. find more info 

Most vendors say the HEPA comes with the vacuums. Although this may be real, I can’t help but feel it’s promotional advertising offered out to potential buyers to make their company sound better than it really is. You could claim it has to have a good filter if it’s equipped with one then. Yet, you would have been mistaken. HEPA, you see, is not a standard governed by any government or science body. You may mark any vacuum as being one.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrested Filter, and was described as a requirement for science’ safe’ rooms and laboratories. It’s just a label and can be added to almost every device, and since it’s not an implemented norm, every organization will slap a’ HEPA filter’ onto its vacuum cleaner.

So when you read those comments about the vacuum cleaner, how can you be confident that it has a’ genuine’ one?

First, if the vacuum costs more than $150 it almost definitely doesn’t have a HEPA filter which is of much better use than a traditional charcoal filter. To filter a vacuum HEPA it must have a sealed device. That is costing money.

Just because a company notes that some sort of HEPA filter has been introduced doesn’t imply that the vacuum offers HEPA filtration efficiency. HEPA is a sluggish form of airflow but faster airflow units are vacuum cleaners. This poses a dilemma, since if the air can not move through the content, it can bypass it-streaming rather than via the filter. That is just what occurs in certain vacuums.

The filter will catch 99.97 per cent as tiny as 0.3 microns of particles. Only to bring this into perspective; 5 microns of a dust mite and 40 microns of a human scalp.

To make confident if you are getting authentic HEPA filtration you can purchase a system that costs more than $200. And look for one which states that the filter is 100% sealed. A sealed device stops the air from circulating through the tank, but as mentioned, this costs more as air-tightened containers need rubber gaskets and more detailed manufacturing.

You might continue by looking at the Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum cleaner or the Eureka HP6855A vacuum cleaner or the Simplicity Synergy if you’re uncertain about which brands give genuine HEPA. They are all three labels but also a few others are there.