The Differences: Modern and Contemporary Furniture

For many people the words “new” and “contemporary” mean the same thing. But when it comes to furniture they say different things altogether. While shopping at any Mid-Missouri furniture store, consumers would expect to learn the difference from the workers in those shops. find more info

During the years between World Wars I and II, new furniture designs emerged. Modern furniture is also called mid-century style and is distinguished by its straight lines and simplicity. Glass and steel were two of the main materials used in modern furniture and any Jefferson City furniture store would have a large variety of pieces made from those materials. Plastics were most sometimes used. Combined with glass and steel, plastic could bring a light look to furniture that was still heavy with design.

Modern furniture was not then, of course, limited to those three items, nor is it today. Any visit to a Jefferson City, MO furniture store will prove the reality. Upholstery was still commonly used, although the fabrics were not as thick as the ones used in early times. This featured seldom printed sketches, either. The employees of a mid-Missouri furniture store any part of it will know genuinely “new” furniture when they see it, even though it was made last week.

Since the 1970s, contemporary furniture has been crafted and every furniture store in Mid-Missouri carries lines of this form of furnishing. It is a combination of styles from all periods of time, taking in each one of the most desirable components. Contemporary furnishings transform the dark colonial woods into delicate tropical shapes. To build contemporary sofas and chairs it combines the steel arms and legs with upholstered seats and backrests. It accentuates glass with such metals as copper and nickel. Stone tabletops are paired with exotic wood legs, or leather is paired with velvet to create a lovely chaise lounge.

Contemporary furnishings can be found in any Mid-Missouri furniture store. It is as common as any other design as it is a versatile style that suits almost any decoration. This works with primarily country or elegant decor, as it draws on certain style eras. It can be the showpiece in an Asian-design filled space. Upholstery patterns can be changed to fit into any theme in a particular contemporary chair. Visit somewhere in Mid-Missouri to see a furniture shop.

Of course one of contemporary furniture’s hallmarks is that it’s easy. To check that, please visit any furniture store in Jefferson City, MO. The upholstery is smoother, the darker cushions and the sleeker woods. It’s full of data, and still usable. Traditional architecture, on the other hand, is also not quite as comfortable while it is certainly practical. Another distinction is that there are few frills or details in classic furniture, though contemporary furniture pleases both.

Anyone who shops at any Jefferson City, MO furniture store will be sure to discover pieces that appeal to them in either category. Prices for each will also differ, delivering items to all homeowners or department dwellers that they can afford and enjoy no matter what furniture store they want to visit in Mid-Missouri.