The Best Fish Finders In The Market – 4 Reviews

You know as a fishing enthusiast that not everything suit one type. If you are looking for the best fish finder, here’s a review of the market’s best units you can go for:

  1. Helix Hummingbird 7 DI GPS

It’s one of the latest fish finders on the market and has many great features like 800 X 480 high resolution. The monitor is transparent and that in harsh sunshine you can clearly see it. The machine has a down imaging system to show you a vision like a fish eye that helps you to clearly see what’s under you. Additionally, the unit provides a dual beam allowing it to cover a wide area of coverage.

You should use the narrow beam, if you want high precision. Use the wide beam, if you are interested in seeing a large area. This fish finder is perfect for your fishing needs, but with a considerable sum of money you should be prepared to splitGet additional information check this link right here now.

  1. Bluetooth smart fish finder with iBobber castable

This is a high-tech fish-finder that fits with your iPhone. Using this unit you can scan to a maximum of 135 feet. You will also have access to the lunar calendar, which allows you to check the weather, the wind and the temperature. You can also use the device to set up GPS hotspots, where fish can be found easily.

It comes with an 8-hour rechargeable battery, according to the vendors, and is extremely compact and you can comfortably travel about with it.

  1. Raymarine Libelle 5PRO

It’s claimed to be one of the market’s most strong and practical fish finders. It features a 5-inch high-definition LED backlit display that gives you different viewing angles with sharp colours. The dual channel sonar brings you visual photographs of the water. When you need storage space, the app has support for an SD card and has the capacity to store loads of images. Furthermore, the app helps you to use important maps including rivers, coasts, and lakes.

  1. Norcross F33P at Hawkeye

It is the fish finder under $200 most common. While architecture is basic it has great creative features. It has the ability, for example, to give readings of fish, weeds and structures which are as deep as 100 feet. It is also low in scale and you can cart it around with ease. You will easily carry it in your pocket or tackle box with ease.

The only shortcoming is that it does not display images-it just displays an illustration denoting fish and other things. It’s not suitable for professional anglers, because of its simplistic appearance.


Here are some of the better fish finders you might go out with. No matter which one you settle on, make sure you purchase from a reputable company.