Countertops and painted cabinets- Intro

Have you been wondering how to paint cabinet hinges? The answer is very, very carefully! That’s probably not a helpful answer though. There are a couple different options available to you for painting cabinet hinges. There’s a simple way to do it with just a little bit of prep work. original site

Let’s look at the “easy” way. Using this method you won’t need to pull the cabinet doors off the hinges. It will only take a couple simple supplies
-Painter’s tape
-A hobby knife
-A fine tipped model paint brush
-Wet rag
-Old newspapers

Prepping is the biggest time consumer here. You need to mask off the area around the cabinet hinge first of all. Start at the outside edge of your workspace and add layers as you work closer and closer to the hinge.

As the tape gets close to the hinge use the hobby knife to cut the tape to fit exactly around the hinge. It’s vital that there be no exposed cabinetry. You can use the tip of the hobby knife to press all the tape into place.

Place the old newspapers on the counter top below where you’re painting. Use this as your workspace for the paint can as well as catching any drips that might otherwise splash onto the countertop.

Next clean the hinge with a mild soap and water solution and let dry. You don’t want to paint over any dust or built up goop. Now comes the fun part, the painting. Use the fine tipped paint brush to evenly coat the entire hinge. Use only enough paint as needed to cover. You don’t want to end up with any drips that might run down the cabinet or bind up the hinge.

Walk away from the cabinet for a few hours to let the paint dry. Once dry, operate the door to make sure to break any paint welds that might have built up on the hinges. With the door fully open now repaint the entire hinge. What you’re shooting for in adding a second coat is to catch any spots that the brush might not have been able to reach when the cabinet door was closed.

Once again walk away for a few hours to let it dry.
After your well earned break check close and open the door a few times to make sure the hinge isn’t sticking. If it operates fine and looks good without any bubbles or drips then congratulations you’re finished!

All that’s left to do is clean up. Be sure to pull up the painter’s tape as soon after painting as possible. You don’t want to risk leaving any residue behind that you’ll have to scrub up.
That’s all there is to a quick hinge paint job. Now that you know how to paint cabinet hinges the easy way you won’t need to worry about the major pain of yanking the doors off the cabinets and removing all the hardware. All it takes is a little bit of planning and prep work and you’ll have great results.