Safety Tips For Automatic Garage Doors

For owners of automatic garage doors, safety is a very important issue-safety not only of the vehicle in the garage, but most importantly of the family , especially young children. Automatic doors, if not correctly mounted and managed and misused, may trigger mild to serious injury and also in some situations death. Here are few things to consider, to prevent any injuries in the future.Do you want to learn more? Visit

Tip 1: Children need to be told it’s not a trick.

It’s really necessary to educate children that an automated garage door is not a trick. Kids are obviously interested and they can be quickly encouraged to experiment with it without adequate instruction.

Tip 2: It should not be permitted to work on babies.

Hold the remote control in a secure location where your children don’t learn. Even the power of the wall should be held beyond the grasp of children. That way they can’t play with the switch.

Tip 3: Don’t let kids play by the garage doors.

It’s safer that you don’t let your kids play next to the door to prevent injuries when they get stuck beneath it.

Tip 4: Consider potential dangers affecting babies.

Tell them about potential hazardous events that might occur so they are fully aware of the dangers of misuse of automatic garage doors.

Tip 5: Make sure the reversing feature is in place.

Almost all automatic garage doors have the reversing function that instantly enables the doors to open and shut. If your current doors only shut by themselves, please upgrade it to one with the reversing function, to prevent incidents involving a human stuck under the doors.

Tip 6: Always have a good vision of the garage door during service.

No can pass under a running garage door, or try to cross.

Tip 7: Monthly follow up on repairs.

See your owner’s manual for the steps needed to undertake routine checking. You may have attached apps or protection measures to your garage door layout, so be sure to test them out too.

Tip 8: If there are any problems regarding your garage door, contact a qualified technician.

Do not attempt to repair your garage doors in case you find some issues. Please call a trained professional from the business where you bought the automated garage doors, if necessary.