Reason To Call A Civil Rights Lawyer

A news item has fascinated me this morning. It included a student from Arizona who submitted letters to hundreds of government school districts across the state reminding them about the tools they might utilize to improve their anti-intimidation strategies to combat gay harassment and bullying. Not only was I shocked that a 15-year-old went to all this difficulty, but he also mentioned in the letter he submitted that if sufficient steps were not taken to defend homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students, legal action would be taken to compel required improvements to the anti-bullying policy of each school. Regardless about how you interpret this situation’s ideology, it’s important to look at the example that might be created if the young man successfully pursues court proceedings and loses. Singleton Law Firm Near San Deigo is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The complainant will have to claim a breach of personal injury statute in order to bring such a statement in state court. It can be remembered that this young guy, at the age of 13, just a few years earlier launched civil proceedings against his own school board for refusing to properly shield him from constant anti-gay abuse. He won his lawsuit and the school board was pressured to resolve the problem and eventually amend their anti-bullying policy. He currently heads a two-man group to tackle concerns of discrimination against LGBT students in public schools, along with a business partner in Chicago.

He would not be entitled to seek actual physical injuries if he decided to carry through with his planned conduct because he may not have been a pupil of the school system in question. Alternatively, he will either have to locate children in each school system who have been targeted by anti-gay abuse, or pursue a class action personal injury case (which certain civil rights complainants have done in the past) on behalf of others who are not able to continue.

Related wrongful injuries cases have also left specific school systems across the world responsible. Nevertheless, to my understanding, there is yet to be a event involving one plaintiff causing reform in anti-bullying legislation across a entire community. If this young man were to sue and pursue such a personal injury claim for class action, he might create a trend in such lawsuits around the country. However, several jurisdictions at the state legislative level have now started discussing the problem of anti-gay discrimination in public schools.