Pond Maintenance Why Filters Are Important

It is very important to pick your filter if you want to have a successful pond with hardly any maintenance of the ponds. If you don’t use the right filtration system, you can more than likely perform regular maintenance of the bath. Your water will be dirty, green and potentially filled with string algae.
You may find more details about this at Lake Management Inc-Pond Maintenance.

What is the key to minimal servicing of the pond? Well there are some tips that you can follow to make sure you don’t do pond maintenance on a daily basis. Once every few weeks we want to keep the care. Depends on your pond size and the amount of koi. The more koi you will have in your pond, the more the filter will have to work and the more maintenance you will have to do if your filter can not handle it.

You need to have the following types of filtration, mechanical, biological and you should also use UV sterilization when selecting your filter setup. A skimmer filter is a good mechanical filter for removing floating debris, and you should also be using a bottom drain for the sinking material. This will certainly reduce the amount of pond maintenance you need to do, particularly when starting it up again early in the season.

The bio-filter is the most important component of your system. It contains beneficial bacteria that will sustain your pond for you! In reality, bacteria grow on everything, which is why it is important to use a bio-filter filled with a lot of surface area. You can use scrubby pads, or even straws cut into small pieces, if you build your own.

The hardest part of your pond maintenance would be extracting string algae if you don’t install your filter correctly. This is because your biological filter doesn’t function properly or adequately. If your bio filter has not yet developed its possible early spring or summer, it takes about a month to 6 weeks. In the beginning of the spring you should add a few bacteria to start your biological filter early and avoid having to do so much maintenance of the pond.

The part of the filtration cycle is UV. Inside a filter it is simply a UV light that kills algae and gets rid of green water. It’s just around $100 and every couple of weeks can save you the expense of buying algae killing goods.