Plastic Surgeon Offers a Variety of Procedures

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty involving the repair, modification, or enhancement of the body. It can be subdivided into two categories: plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery includes hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, liposuction, and the treatment of numerous burns, lacerations, and traumatic injuries. Reconstructive surgery on the other hand is focused on repairing or enhancing the body’s structure especially the facial features. Most plastic surgeries focus on the face, including rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, breast surgery, and chin surgery.Checkout original site for more info.

As for the plastic surgeons, they are specialized doctors who are trained to perform advanced and cutting-edge surgical techniques. There are cosmetic surgeons who perform elective procedures and cosmetic surgeons who specialize in reconstructive procedures. Cosmetic surgery can either be elective or non-invasive. Some of the popular cosmetic procedures include breast augmentation, facelifts, brow lift, weight loss surgery, face lift, thigh surgery, cosmetic dentistry, body contouring, Botox injections, laser hair removal, and cleft lip/palate surgery.

Some of the plastic surgery procedures are quite risky such as plastic surgery for cleft palate or skin removal using incisions into the soft tissues. Furthermore, some of the most advanced procedures can lead to the formation of scar tissue that can last for a lifetime. This is where the role of an experienced plastic surgeon comes into the picture. An experienced surgeon will be able to minimize any side effects by performing the procedure at the proper age, size, and health of the patient.