Massage Therapy and Its Types

Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy - Toronto MassageJust when people’s habits are shifting, so are their desires. People used to live carefree lives earlier, but with the shift of times, the hustle of city life rendered it impossible for the average man to lead a safe and happy life. Various forms of conflicts revolve around man and render him absolutely powerless. People have now moved to getting physical therapy to ease the stress and stresses of living. This treatment is a particularly effective procedure in the human body involving the relaxing and relieving of muscles and other tissues. Read more about Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy – Toronto Massage.

About Physical Therapy

Massage therapy is often believed to be the strongest stress buster and in some instances this treatment is an important part of the CAM or the natural and therapeutic medication. The word “massage therapy” not only encompasses the various methods and procedures utilised to soothe the patient’s senses, but often covers a wide variety of similar methods and the massage therapy involves over 80 separate forms of therapies.

The key purpose behind the massage treatment is to relieve the person’s muscles and tissues thus the the supply of oxygen and blood to the places where massage has been done and in turn reducing the pain level experienced.

Diverse types of treatments

That involve the numerous forms of relaxation therapies:

Massage point cause

In this form of massage therapy, to loosen the stress points or knots, the practitioner uses multiple high pressure movements.

Massage in Sweden

The individual is given long strokes, coupled with muscle stiffness and kneading to keep the joints flexible.

Extreme Treatment of Tissues

On the individual areas of the patient’s body, where the muscles and tissues are knotted or close, strong finger and hand pressure is provided. The emphasis is focused on the layers of muscle that are deep inside the flesh.

Massage Shiatsu

In this form of massage therapy, the practitioner applies rhythmic and shifting pressure from his fingertips to the areas of the body that are essential for the release of critical energy.


This method of massage therapy is popularly referred to as zone therapy and the key emphasis of the treatment is focused on the person’s head, hands , and feet. The most popular of the other two-reflexology therapy is the reflexology of foot.

Massage Thai

This is often named relaxation therapy for Thai yoga and includes the unblocking of energy channels. The individual who receives the massage stays fully dressed in this form of therapy and the therapist continues to provide the compression massage on the areas of the body which require special attention. To calm the muscles and soft tissues the patient is designed to be put in various yoga-like postures.