Know the facts about Tips for A Healthier Skin

Worsening environmental problems, such as decreased protection of the atmosphere against ultraviolet (UV) radiation and increased levels of air pollutants, have negatively affected our skin on a daily basis. This is even more true today than it was a decade ago. These circumstances can lead to an increased risk of our skin ageing.Another concern is that humans are living longer than ever before – on average. Year after year, people now want to be kept youthful, healthy and even sexy, even though the calendar tells them that they are getting older.Click to read more about Healthier Skin

While the fountain of youth may remain out of reach, to preserve youthful, vibrant skin, most of us want to do everything we can. We are moving into an era in which it is not necessary to correlate the age of our bodies with the way our skin looks. The average person is given a fighting opportunity by science and medicine to protect and nourish their skin in increasingly efficient, affordable ways.Here are 7 tips – no matter what your age – to protect your skin against the effects of ageing and to have healthier, more vibrant skin.Wash your face every morning: your skin is coated with layers of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and dust when you wake up every morning.

Part of your morning ritual should include washing your face in order to cleanse your skin from these impurities. A mild exfoliant, which can remove layers of dead skin cells that collect overnight to reveal the healthy skin beneath, may also be used periodically.Get plenty of rest: people are working longer hours today and are packing more activities into each hour of the day, increasing the potential for more stressful lives. Stress releases hormones inside your body, which some studies show can decrease the ability of your cells to regenerate. Getting a good night’s sleep is one excellent way to combat the effects of stress. It is good for your mind and for your skin to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night.