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To continue a discussion about infrarot technology and its impact on the body, we must first grasp the significance about how the human body functions from a bioelectric point of view, and how the world surrounding us interacts with us. All on the earth vibrates at a particular frequency; certain people can consider it challenging to grasp that, since it seems firm. It’s hard to convince someone who reads an essay on this topic how anything like ‘color’ or electricity that we can’t even perceive may have such a significant impact on our wellbeing that we take for granted and are used to every day. The human body is an incredibly complex and nuanced bioelectric and biochemical system that generates its own frequency spectrum. For the moment; and for the purposes of this report, we should concentrate more on a particular frequency range that we are subject to, and how it impacts our wellbeing. View us on Neosauna.

As mentioned, and as work has demonstrated that the human body is a natural source of irradiation, producing its own bio-electric cycle, the remainder of this debate would be far simpler to grasp and embrace if we can all focus on this. The electromagnetic range is very broad and contains wavelengths we can observe, and others we can not see. The electromagnetic spectrum of the universe around us extends from what are known as ‘longwave’s, all the way down to’ gamma rays, ‘and the range is almost unlimited technically at all ends of the continuum. Visual light is only a very tiny component of the continuum. Throughout the spectrum of wavelengths mentioned above, our body radiates extreme infrared energy (FIR) across the skin at wavelengths varying from 3 to 50 microns throughout duration, with a median spectrum of around 9.4 microns. These are quite close to the frequencies generated on the market today by high-quality far-infrared products manufactured and sold. You might not be acquainted with the far-off infraround energy as mentioned above, but you might have been therapeutically introduced to it and have not really realized you were. Since thousands of years, the potential to harness systematic far-reaching infrared energy output has been available, it is still studied today in the context of Chi Gong and Reiki therapy.

For the latest technologies that we have at our fingertips today, we have progressed well past the ‘traditional days’ and pushed into an age of fresh possibilities. Infrared is a type of radiant heat which, in its simplest sense, is a source of energy that heats (vibrates) whatever comes into contact with it, without heating the air in between. Again without realizing it, we’ve been actually subjected to it for thousands of years, or at least it used to be so … Out of the Light. Yet it has been scientifically unethical among some clinicians among recent years, and the National Cancer institutes eyes to have some sun exposure whatsoever. This warped attitude and the existing comfortable lifestyle that we have been used to, in tandem with dietary deficiencies, lack of interaction with the rays of the light and susceptibility to a broad range of environmental toxins; is clearly a prescription for our physical extinction!

Many of today’s illnesses may be specifically related to decisions about diet and lifestyle. There are many certain variables quite out of our reach which corporate America is pushing upon us. Heat, contaminants and internal stress build up in the body, and are contained both externally and energetically in the soft tissues. There is a chain of depletion happening where the body is not provided with what it needs to work optimally, like obtaining energy(3). A prime example of this is a condition termed seasonal affective disorder (SAD), from which people are anxious and ‘present’ in symptoms of sub-clinical and even overt illness conditions owing to loss of access to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Far-infrared wavelengths penetrate far within the body’s cells to create what may be called a molecular atomic equilibrium with the wavelengths at which it is exposed. Upon exposure to infrared wavelengths; the body’s cells continue resonating (vibrating) at the same pace as the wavelengths at which they are exposed.

Exposure to this source of energy influences any cell within the body. The greatest influence on the nervous and circulatory processes is(1). The autonomic nervous system (influencing heart rate, pupil dilation, digestion, sweating, respiration rate, salivation, urination, and sexual arousal) is directly influenced by the far-reaching infrared spectrum which decreases sensory nerve over-stimulation. As exposure period rises, the temperature begins to grow within the cell. The capillaries inside the exposed tissues dilate and increases blood flow as the cell matrix vibrates, also improves metabolism at any stage within the cell, thereby improving one of the many benefits that infrared provides … A detoxifying method.