How To Learn Karate

Most karate dojo, base their karate lessons on technique, now karate technique is really necessary, so if a karateka (someone who performs karate) has no heart, it will not matter how strong their technique is, their karate would be empty and just imitate karate, it will have little sense. Have a look at Absolute Martial Arts.

Spirit still falls first for me! Imagine a scenario in self-defense when someone pushes you down, it’s the courage that is going to help you back up. The popular boxer Jack Dempsey (Manassa Mauler) used to say,’ A winner is somebody who gets up, even though he can’t, there’s spirit there!

Life is boring without energy, the energy to achieve, the spirit to conquer challenges in your existence, to finish anything hard. This appears in several ways and without intent, it is not karate, it is just activity of the body.

The toughest thing for a karateka, I thought, is keeping the tension. Education in karate can be tough but fun too. Both of our karate lessons were incredibly challenging when I was younger and’ More Force’ was a common appeal from our senior black belts. Today we still have tough parts to our training, the difference is that the really hard parts of our karate classes don’t last the whole class and we take care to balance the hard training with the periods of technique work.

So for me, spirit is very important, along with Ikken Hissatsu’s concept (to complete with one blow). My karate sensei used to say,’ Learn to hit hard, fast and accurately,’ I believe in this and you can’t accomplish this without spirit.

Some karate dojo practice kumite (sparring) for the whole class of karate and for little else, some practice kata (form), for the whole class. I believe in harmony again, which is why many karate dojo use practice form of the 3 k.

The three k’s~1. Kihon (base) 2. Sparring (Kumite) 3. Kata (forms) Many karate senseis say kumite is karate spirit and kata is soul. I will comply with the argument too. I do not believe you can do only one k with the 3 k’s. Balance is again the name of the game when it comes to soft and hard workouts.