Hot Tub Repair

Hot Tubs are a fantastic place to calm down and unwind, but if your spa stops working or is broken you’ll soon start missing it and just want it to function as fast as you can. Check out MG Pools for more info.

The difficulty is that you may have trouble finding a company that is willing to repair your tub and will be able to travel to you, as many repair companies will only repair certain brands and models and cover only certain parts of England.

Most maintenance firms will fix any hot tub or spa but will not cover the entire UK. The best place to find a service company is to search the internet. Some replacements would take no longer than 2 hours on top of call-out costs (unless there is a hole to be found), and the hourly rate would be the expense of the component. The cost of parts will vary depending on the item, for a replacement pump the cost would be around £ 450, a control pack would be £ 400, Topside would be £ 150 and replacement ozone would be £ 190 Hot Tub Repairs do seem expensive but remember that tubs do cost a lot to buy at the beginning. And the pumps that heaters and operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week to insure that the water is heated to the perfect temperature for you, and that the water is ready to jump in when you want to. Spas do work a lot of the time so you’re going to expect a few things to go wrong after a couple of years. So if your tub stops working or starts causing a problem, it’s recommended to call the engineer immediately to make sure it gets fixed as quickly as possible so you can get back.