Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Washing Machine- Intro

We have been hearing talks of energy and water conservation during the past decades. These days, we have been feeling the need to conserve energy and water. With so many power outages, people have been taking part in energy conservation. In scattered parts of the world, people have been experiencing droughts and water shortages. see here

Perhaps the biggest appliance water consumer in our household is the washing machine. A typical top load washer can consume up to 40 gallons of water in a laundry cycle. That same amount of water is washed down the drain after the rinse cycle. That is indeed a total waste.

In the bid to somehow lessen washing machines’ impact on the surface of the earth, experts came up with front load washer technology. Its tumbling drum motion does not necessitate 40 gallons of water. These washers, we are proud to say, consume up to 80% less water compared to its top loading counterpart. That is a major improvement.

But I guess using a front loader is not enough. There are some laundry tricks that will significantly cut down water consumption. If you follow them closely, you are taking part in the preservation of our natural resources.

Wash only in full laundry cycles. Let us say you have a daughter that needs to wash a few pieces of clothing in your washer. Even if you use the quick wash cycle, that is still a little wasteful. You can teach her to add her clothes to the rest of your laundry so you can wash them by the end of the week or she can manually wash them.

The use of liquid detergent actually helps. Powder detergents are cheaper but some of those particles are not completely dissolved. In addition to the soap suds it creates, the particles not properly dissolved can cling to your clothes. It necessitates an extra rinse cycle or another extra rinse cycle to completely get rid of the residues.

Always take care and maintain your washing machine. Check the connection of the water valve to the water source. Once a month, do a thorough inspection. A leaky washer is a big problem not only on repair but also on wasting water. If you are going on a trip or a vacation, consider removing the water valve attachment. This will help ease up the pressure in the rubber seal of the valves to avoid leaks. It will also help avoid mold formation in the water valves. These seemingly little things are actually helpful.