Grooming and Shaping Your Eyebrows

You may have heard the saying, “The eyes are the soul’s window.” If so, then the eyebrows are the road to the soul’s window. Many people don’t know how cleanly groomed eyebrows can radiate your face and draw attention to your eyes, as well as help balance your face shape. Here are a few tips for keeping your brows in tip-top shape.Do you want to learn more? Visit Microblading.

The brows styles have changed as with the different fashion eras. Women once pulled all of their eyebrow hairs completely out before penciling themselves in a line. Additionally, brow forms, as well as straight or curved or arched, have gone from thick to thin and back again. While working with your natural brow shape is a good idea, you can edit your brows to enhance your eyes and match the facial features.

The first thing you need to do is decide how you should shape your brows for your face. Most people are currently opting for a slightly thicker, more natural brow. To get an estimate of how your eyebrow should look, you simply need a pencil to determine where the hair should start and end, and where the arch should be located.

First, keep a pencil up straight to the inner corner of your eye at the bottom of your nose. Here’s where hair should start. First, keep the pencil directly to the edge of your iris. The point the arch is positioned should be where it touches your forehead. Finally, place the pencil end again at the bottom of your nose and raise it to where it meets the eye corner. The very end of your brow should be on straight line from here.

You have several removal methods to get rid of the stray hairs that are outside your brow line, or not within your desired shape. First, plucking the unwanted strands out with tweezers is an easy way to take care of your brows at home. Nonetheless, you should be careful not to get too “pluck-happy” and your brows unintentionally too low. Second, you can get threaded over your eyebrows. This is an ancient technique where a professional coils threads around the stray hairs before quickly pulling the whole line out. Finally, you can have your eyebrows waxed into the shape you want.