Free Online Piano Lessons – 3 Steps to Learning the Piano

With learning the piano, free online piano lessons are a great way to get your feet wet; whether you’re a complete newbie or just getting back into things. The following article will address free lessons and the three measures you should take right now to start learning the piano. Hatboro Piano Lessons provides more details.

  1. Sign-up For Free Lessons: While there are plenty of places online offering free lessons, not all of these lessons are very good and most will not get you very far. But there’s one software that offers excellent free lessons and all you need to do is send your email address to get them. Rocket Piano is the top piano lesson program that allows many people to learn how to play the piano because it’s affordable and well built with lesson books and audio and video files as well.
  2. Study For One Week: They will send you 6 free lessons after you sign up for the lessons, which should take you around a week to complete. You should already have begun learning how to play the piano for free. For some, going through the lessons may take more than a week, depending on how much time you can spend, others will breeze through, and be prepared for more.
  3. Download Piano Lessons: If you are still interested in learning more after you’ve completed the free lessons, you can then decide if you want to purchase Rocket Piano, it costs less than $40, and is an instant download of all of the materials you will need to start your studies. Within the program you receive 7 lesson e-books, numerous audio and video files that go along with the books as well as many priceless bonuses like Jayde Musica Pro and Perfect Pitch Pro. You can learn how to read music as well as how to play by ear and you’ll be able to learn many of the popular songs you hear on the radio with a 30 day free membership to SongPond.

Above you learned more about free piano lessons online and the three steps you can take right now to start learning the piano. Not all free lessons are of high quality, but Rocket Piano ‘s 6 free lessons are good, and a perfect way to get started. If you’re not sure that the piano is for you, both the free lessons and the download of the Rocket Piano, which has a money back guarantee of 60 days, will help you to know if you’ve got a piano knack.