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The main effects of smoking marijuana are changes in personality, which are often observed on a regular basis in people who smoke it. In particular, it affects their social and professional involvement in jobs where mental activity is needed; professional jobs, studying, etc. Smoking marijuana also affects relationships with the environment as these individuals are often unregulated and often have no motivation for their weird behaviour. Different studies indicate that there is a strong correlation with marijuana smoking and a decline in motivation. Do you want to learn more? Visit CBD American Shaman of Little Elm, Texas.Studies conducted in the state of Maryland among hundreds of marijuana addicts, including high school students, university students, inmates, and those involved in drug programmes, showed that most of these individuals suffered from a lack of motivation, often referred to as a cannabis syndrome. Moreover, most of them reported that they did not note these changes in their daily lives, but most of them reported that the feeling of inspiration increased after they got rid of the marijuana smoking habit. Scientists have observed the following changes in the body due to marijuana smoking, which explain the main characteristics of behavioural abnormalities and narcotic euphoria: • Marijuana alters the processes of biochemical reactions in the brain as it affects the neurotransmitter responsible for nervous system reactions; • Marijuana affects mood as it causes mood. In contrast to those who do not, short memory of people who smoke marijuana is very low. In addition, it affects the function of heart and blood pleasure, which is normal with people who still feel stress. I have a much greater concentration of carcinogens in marijuana than in tobacco. It may contribute to various cancers, such as cancer of the lungs, neck or skin. These carcinogens, in addition, destroy the immune system. Unlike alcohol that only stays in the blood for 24-48 hours, marijuana can stay in one’s body for up to 30 days, contributing to the risk of vehicle accidents and workplace accidents if high concentration and attention are required for the job. All these variables combined contribute to the reduction of motivation, as the effects of marijuana smoking are strongly oppressed by the nervous system.