Essential Aspects about Back Pain

In a mixture of relaxation and stretching motions, the Backstretches, also known as the Ramstetter, offers relief, allowing the patient to shift and stretch various parts of the spine by going up and down the frame. The rollers often provide pressure (acupressure) on either side of the spine on the back muscles, where there are frequently unstable trigger points (knots). The efficacy of this system has been verified by a research analysis by the University of Iowa’s Spine Centre, which gives back pain sufferers the ability to supplement their clinical care with a device that is portable.

Flexera is a back-support cradle designed to relieve problems with lower Back Pain, minimise pressure, and facilitate relaxation by decompression of key joints, enabling the user to return to natural motion. Flexera, created by 2 leading British osteopaths, is intended to facilitate the opening of the lumbar and sacroiliac joints and support the return to natural movement as pressure is released on inflamed muscles.

These are soft custom-shaped cushions adapted to the natural form of the lower back of the consumer and built to provide support when maintaining an ergonomic and relaxed posture when sitting on a chair or in the car, providing a relief factor for low back pain.

In a normal, passive way, seat wedges offer lumbar pain relief. Sitting on a seat wedge has the effect of pushing the pelvis forward, forcing the spine of users to assume a more ergonomically correct upright position. Seat wedges can be helpful for car drivers suffering from lumbar pain by angling their backs into more comfortable driving positions, or in sedentary occupational conditions where the sufferer of back pain may take a suitable position for several hours, such as call centre employees. Ideal for everyone, especially PC users, working in a sitting position. The coccyx wedge, which has a cut off segment to decrease or avoid pressure on the sacrum or coccyx, is a variation of the seat wedge that could cause lower back pain or tail bone pain.