Detailed Notes on Medical Marijuana Dispensary

U.S. A recent memo released by Deputy Attorney General James Cole has troubled medical marijuana dispensary operators. A new memo that is bound to impact the 16 medical marijuana states has been released by President Obama’s Department of Justice.

The Obama administration had previously stated that it would not use the power of the Justice Department to prosecute medical marijuana patients and caregivers. US. U.S. Deputy Attorney Dan Ogden released a memo indicating that if they were obeying state law, the Obama administration did not want to use valuable resources to prosecute marijuana dispensaries and patients. Do you want to learn more? Visit Closest Dispensary Near Me

The U.S. Department of Justice has now changed its stance and stated that patients and clinics of medical marijuana will be prosecuted. This shocking turnaround has the patients and dispensaries of medical marijuana in an uproar. A mandatory 5 years in jail is the minimum sentence under the federal system.

Marijuana dispensaries flourished under the preceding Dan Ogden memo. Dispensaries opened at an unprecedented pace in the state of Colorado. There were only 12 marijuana dispensaries in the state of Colorado prior to the Ogden memo. The number of dispensaries increased to over 800 in the state of Colorado after the Ogden memo.

Patients of medical marijuana and dispensary owners feel misled by the current role of President Obama on medical marijuana. Obama personally claimed on the campaign trail in 2008 that as long as they complied with state laws, he would not use the Justice Department to prosecute medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. The marijuana industry is currently in a state of panic and under attack.

The owners of the marijuana store are now on code red notice. The federal government came to shut them down at all times. They are planning for their patients to protest and raids by any government authorities that might occur. These proposals include making patients turn up with picket signs for any raids to help pay attention to this new policy. Patients are advised to contact their local media, TV station, radio station, and to videotape any interaction with law enforcement.