Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Build Your Market Share Faster

The most critical gage of your success as a commercial real estate agent is your ability to gain and retain market share. That per definition market share is your slice of real estate listings in your city. Ideally you want to be at the top end of the competitive spectrum so that the customer will easily recognize you as the agent of choice for selling or leasing a commercial or investment property. For more details read this article.

The way to give the impression that you are the best agent in the region is to optimize the following: the number of sign boards you have installed locally on quality property The number of property you advertise on the internet for sale or for rent The number of performance flyers and letters you bring into the business community with each sale or lease

The number of profitable sales or leases that you can claim to have generated Your marketing material’s quality and accuracy All this is highly visual and results oriented. Any successful property agency should be sold in a way that attracts sellers, investors, and the market. In real estate marketing you can’t take shortcuts. Like the saying goes, “You can’t sell a secret” in property promotion and marketing and the same applies to real estate agents and salespeople. At any chance, the name of agency has to be out there.

For your own property company the emphasis should be on producing results. To achieve this, trust, consistency and clear direction are the elements which underpin your personal branding and marketing process. Your name and that of your agency company need to be viewed consistently and widely through a variety of media alternatives. All of your branding needs to be consistent and should be regular to optimize your performance. Quality marketing is the rule; quality must be incorporated into the types and sizes of leaflets, posters, ads, so who pays for a property marketing? Commercial property owners wishing to sell their land in a timely manner will be expected to pay the marketing funds in advance. Given the existence of the commercial land, a few dollars that the owner has invested on marketing may have a huge effect on the price outcome. Typically speaking, vendor paid ads will amount to about 1 percent of the price of the property, although this can vary with different properties and markets.

Essential vendors dedicated to supplying marketing funds in the selling process are essential. It is the sort of vendor that agents prefer, and wherever possible will work with. All this means better results for all and a better name for the local real estate agent.