Choosing Supplements for Dogs: Joints and Overall Health Problems Solved!

Green lipped mold (GLM) products are said to be the safest dog supplements. Joints and bone-related issues are also common among pets, particularly dogs, and GLM has been believed to be an effective solution to these health problems.

Why Mustels Greenshell?

Greenshell musk or green lipped musk or Perna canaliculus is a shellfish that can be found in New Zealand ‘s waters as well as in some areas of Asia and Australia. This marine life is abundant in glycosaminoglycans found to be successful in repairing damaged joint tissues.Get more informations¬† read this article.

A research by Australian institution RMIT University shows that the polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids present in these moulds will restrict the development of leukotrienes and cyclo-oxygenase. Such two factors were established as behind the inflammatory cycle. Conversely, inflammation is the mechanism behind conditions such as arthritis and asthma.

Helping your animals lead good lives

How do your dogs need dog supplements? Animal joints and bones, like humans, suffer from wear and tear, too. Aging, over weight and accidents are just some of the causes that can weaken the bones of our dogs, or cause arthritis to develop. Just like men, they need some relief from the pain, too.

That is where the green lipped musk comes in. These products have been shown to be as healthy and effective in dogs as in humans. Adding powdered GLM supplement to your dog’s diet would go a long way to give him stronger bones and help him live his life free from the painful effects of arthritis.

Is supplement powder the best option?

To this question the answer is yes. Next, you can quickly apply the powder to the dog food without altering the meal flavor. Second, GLM-based products are dog supplements which are safe. The complex carbohydrates, vitamins , and minerals found in this supplement will support dog joints, much as humans do.

Furthermore, powdered green lipped moulds have higher effectiveness levels, as they were prepared without cooking or freezing the moulds. Once exposed to high heat levels and when frozen, this shellfish appears to lose its nutritional value, hence the need to search for a form of replacement that has not undergone either procedure.