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With the growing popularity of stamped concrete, homeowners fall in love with the vast array of accessible designs, textures and colors. Patios, walkways and driveways are becoming pieces of art to be admired not just places to walk or stand but in many ways. Most often imitating the look and feel of stone, this painted concrete has become an effective and affordable alternative to more costly pavers or natural products. Concrete project will stand the test of time with a bit of annual maintenance and a decent sealant. Visit us on Benson Concrete Construction LLC Stamped Concrete.

A few of its various applications.

Swimming poolside. There’s nothing like lounging along the pool on a particularly hot summer day with friends and family. If you want to boost your experience even more and make your pool bash much more welcoming and comfortable, the installation of a stamped concrete pool surrounds definitely can not go wrong. Keeping your backyard area more realistic and rustic in nature, the variety of concrete types and surfaces will definitely kick your pool party up a little bit.

Walkthrough. Usually overlooked, the walkway to your front door is really the red carpet into your home in a number of ways. If you have a designed stamped concrete pathway that elegantly leads you in, tourists and guests will be in awe. And given the wide range of available colors and textures, you can definitely complement your home’s exterior, adding more dimension and richness.

Patios, patios. The barbecue is open, pool chairs are out and we have the summer on. Your patio is replacing the kitchen as your home’s central hub, come summertime. You want to have something beautiful to entertain guests on. Your parties are definitely going to be amazing with a finely detailed poured concrete patio.

Whatever the place, stamped concrete will impress any surface ten times more. Certainly, contractors specialized in this type of concrete applications will help bring out the best in any surface you may want to build or upgrade.

Painted concrete is poured just like any other concrete is built but the surface is painted with a template as a finishing touch. In fact, the concrete used in combination with stamped concrete is often colored to improve the esthetic appeal and a more costly natural stone resemblance. Most reputable concrete contractors now sell stamped concrete as an affordable option for other work that they might be quoting for. Colored concrete is also available to supply concrete to your local construction contractors from most ready-mixed firms.