An Introduction To E Fax

With the introduction of electronic facsimile machines, sending and receiving fax messages have become a lot easier and more convenient for businesses and home users. A fax machine is a computer or a fax modem which is used to send and receive facsimile messages by connecting it to either a regular phone line or a private phone line, depending on the type of service you use.Do you want to learn more? Visit E Fax

The fax machine also needs an ink pad and a special type of paper which are known as fax paper. You need a special type of ink pad, because a regular pad holds different colored ink that is used in the transmission process. This means that when you fax using a normal fax machine, the paper you are using is coloured and not black and white like what you would usually get with a traditional fax machine.

Nowadays, faxes can be sent using many different methods. For example, you can use the Internet to send a fax message. The Internet fax service is a very convenient method, especially if you are away from the office or you simply don’t want to use a fax machine. You can send faxes online using your computer, a wireless modem or even your mobile phone.

Some companies even offer Internet faxing service at very low monthly rates. Internet faxing allows you to receive and send fax messages from anywhere in the world. Also, the sender doesn’t need a fax machine to send you faxes – you receive faxes over the Internet and you can even fax from your cellphone. That’s why faxes are really cheap nowadays and they allow you to send many faxes in a single day.