Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Temecula-Things To Know

Specific parts of your air conditioning unit must be maintained regularly in order for it to run efficiently. Failure to do this maintenance will result in a significant reduction in the efficiency of the systems and a rise in your energy usage over time. It may also result in very significant fixes involving an air conditioning repair facility and probably a lot of capital. Whenever you have such a big investment, it’s still easier to retain it than wait for several fixes when it gets older. The filters, coils, and fins are some of the parts that need to be on a maintenance schedule. Each need to be reviewed, cleaned and replaced as needed. If you’re unsure about when and how you should do this maintenance for your particular system, check with an air conditioning and heating company. They can tell you what to do to protect your system, and make recommendations for air conditioning maintenance.Visit Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Temecula for more details.

The filters are the most important servicing part. They need to be cleaned and replaced routinely so that your unit performs at its best possible efficiency. If a filter becomes clogged or seriously dirty, it will block the air flow and cause your system to run less efficiently. This way dirt can make its way to the evaporator coil and affect his ability to absorb heat when the air flow is interrupted. Changing and cleaning filters will reduce energy consumption by 5 to 15 per cent on average. Most filters can be found in the wall , ceiling, furnace or air-conditioner unit. Some filters can be cleaned and reused while others need replacement. There are many filter types and varies in how efficient they are. During the warm season, filters need to be cleaned or replaced roughly every month or a few months. If your system is being used constantly, or you have pets, they may need to be changed or cleaned more often.

The evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt when your unit is in use. If your filters are changed regularly, less dirt can reach those spools. The air flow is reduced as dirt collects on the evaporator coil, and it works as an insulator on the coil. This will prevent that heat from absorbing as it should. Every year the coils should be checked and cleaned where necessary. Do your utmost to eliminate any grass, vegetation, and other items, if outside, that are around your building. These kinds of items can add to the dirt collected on the condenser coil. Many things that would need to be washed and tested are the coil fins on the evaporator coils and the condenser. They may get bent or dirty, blocking some of the air that goes through the coil. Drains can get clogged, and must also be checked. An air conditioning repair service can easily take care of this kind of maintenance by performing an annual service check. During these processes, the use of an air conditioning and heating company ensures no harm is done to any of the components.