About things to know about homemade toothpaste

It is almost everybody’s dream to have a radiant smile with pearly white teeth as seen in TV advertisements where they advertise about their toothpaste but most of the ingredients of the toothpaste are dependent on chemical composition and some of them are also unknown, but ingredients such as synthetic charges from coal tar or petroleum, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium fluoride, sodium hydroxide. Do you want to learn more? Visit www.westcobbdentistry.com/things-to-know-about-homemade-toothpastes-and-how-safe-they-are/.

Easy toothpaste- You need 1 teaspoon of baking soda, a few drops of peppermint clove or some of the pure essential oil, 1⁄2 tea spoon of sea salt that is finely ground with some drops of water to prepare one organic toothpaste at home. In a small tub, blend all the ingredients together until you get a thick and smooth paste from which you can use a scoop on your toothbrush and brush as usual.

Vegan toothpaste- Glycerine is the main part of toothpaste as it helps to give the paste texture and so you can also use it to make herbal toothpaste at home, but you should use vegetable glycerine. You also required a list of ingredients including 1⁄2 spoons of guar gum, 2 spoons of vegetable glycerine, 4 spoons of baking soda and 8 spoons of water with a few drops of clove, peppermint or any of the pure essential oil. Combine all of the ingredients in a small pot, excluding essential oil, and put over gas on simmer fire. Need to stir regularly so it won’t burn. It would take 5-6 minutes to get paste like texture over the whole process. Make it cool and add essential oil to it, which can be kept in a jar for future use.