A Few Reasons Why You Should Switch To Online Faxing

Online faxing, or e-faxing is simply the use of various internet protocols and web-based technologies to send an online fax, instead of by using a traditional fax machine and a regular telephone line. This method of transmitting documents is very similar to that of emailing – except instead of getting a hard copy of an important document, you’ll receive it as an email attachment instead. -find more information

There are many advantages of online faxing over other traditional methods of faxing, and there’s no question that this type of faxing will continue to grow in popularity as people realize its many benefits. Here are some of those benefits and why online faxing is the wave of the future:

Convenience: Online faxing is much easier to use than older fax machines, mainly because it doesn’t require you to install expensive hardware. It also allows you to access your faxes from any computer with an Internet connection, so if you’re on the road, you don’t have to worry about missing important documents. Additionally, online faxing gives you the ability to “catch up” on missed faxes, since you can always view your previous messages in a folder on your computer. You’ll never miss an important document again! (And if you do accidentally miss an important document, you can just print it out and send it again.)

Security: Using email is very easy, but it still involves transmitting sensitive information – even the most secure type of email, a “secure message” or “secure draft”, can be picked up if someone has the right program for picking up unsecured emails. That’s why fax machines were so popular in the past – they were used to transmit classified information of a top secret nature, and their security was quite good. Unfortunately, that security has faded away in recent years, and now anyone who has a computer with a web connection can read all your emails. Even if you think you are encrypted when you send an email, the person you are sending it to could easily make a copy of that email and then send it to another person. Online faxing addresses that are sent over the Internet do not have this problem because they are digitally signed, which means that everyone who receives it has an assurance that the message was sent by you. (This is a great security feature, because no one will be able to make a duplicate of your message.)